Vabzu - The marketing company that works for you

We are a matchmaker between your online marketing needs and our vetted list of vendors. While other marketing companies will high-pressure tactics to get you to signup for service which may not be the best for your goals, we will create the perfect plan for you.

Our marketing coaches will talk to you and find out what you have been doing, figure out what is working, what isn't working and recommend the strategy that will work best for you. Once we have determined the plan of action, our project managers will connect you with marketing experts to implement your marketing plan. Don't worry, your Vabzu Project Manager will be your primary contact to ensure everyone's work is coordinated, and meeting your expectations.

How much do project managers cost?

Our project managers will take a look at your current situation, run analytics reports, come up with a margeting strategy and act as your business coach ABSOLUTELY FREE. Once understand the professionalism and experience that all of our project managers posses, most business owners will decide to implement the proposed plan.

After your project starts, the project manager's cost is also ABSOLUTELY FREE (to you). Because our marketing vendors do NOT need to do their own marketing or project management, we are able to receive wholesale pricing on those services. However, the Vabzu project managers work for YOU. If you aren't satisfied with the marketing vendor, we will absorb the cost to switch to another vendor. Fortunately, our vendors are thoroughly vetted and often have a long track record with Vabzu, so this situation rarely happens which is why we can offer the performance guarantee.

Sometimes you already have a relationship with a marketing vendor and need a project manager due to time-management, communication or personality issues, you can hire our project managers directly. We charge either an hourly rate or a weekly fee based on your situation. The most common scenario is a website design or marketing company that is having a hard time understanding or meeting your needs or is not being transparent on the work being performed. In that case, we can often "rescue" the sitation and get everything under control.

One Time Marketing Services

Here are some of the services that are helpful to business owners to create marketing assets.

Website Design

WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Custom Websites, Shopping Cart Setup, eCommerce and Mobile Responsive Websites. Professional Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Video Creators will make your website shine.


Google Search Engine Optimization - Getting Your Website Top Rankings on Google - Meta Tag Research and Updates, Image Tag Updates, Website Code Cleanup and Optimization, Broken Link Fixes, Secure Server Certificate Installation and SEO Plugin Installation.

Social Media Setup

Create or Optimize Social Media Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and Google Search Console with professional Copywriting and Graphic Design Services.

Lead Funnels

Create or Optimize webinar, eBook, blog, event, follower Lead Funnels to generate sales, grow email lists, gain social media followers or generate inbound client calls.

Ongoing Marketing Services

Here are some of the services that are helpful to business owners for ongoing maintenance and support.

Social Media Posting

Grow your online following and reputation with professionally designed posts, graphics and videos to your social media profiles. Custom designed posts specifically for you with the right keywords and hashtags.


Professionally written articles and blogs specifically for your website, social media profiles or LinkedIn Articles will position you as the industry celebrity expert.

Website Maintenance

For a flat monthly or hourly fee our website developers and designers will keep your website up to date and running smoothly. Monitor your website health, conversion rate optimization and load speed and fix any issues that may arise and install WordPress Plugin Updates. PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

Facebook Ad Management

Create, Launch and Manage your Facebook Ads. Includes multiple versions of Facebook Ad Images, Videos and Text and constant monitoring to find the best converting ad version using scientific testing and advanced analytics.

Contact Us

Contact us for a no-obligation business consultation. Your information will only be given to one of our project managers for a no pressure consultation and marketing recommendation.